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In this unpredictable and ever changing world you need a people strategy that can adapt with your organization's goals and employee needs.

Disco Porcupine is your partner in building talent centric strategy.

Disco Porcupine is your partner in building the TALENT STRATEGIES that power YOUR organization.

Our Services

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You have a clear vision of what you want your organization to accomplish, but building the talent strategy to get there may not be as clear. 

Our Approach:  Meeting You Where You Are

Small Business, Start Up,  Social Impact

You value your team and want to create an employee experience that is meaningful to them.  You also know that your talent is key to your organization's success. 


However, you're just getting started and aren't ready to have a formal people services team.  

We can help you design a people strategy that includes meaningful and manageable elements that will lift up your team and your organization.

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Female Developers

When the time comes to scale your business it is also necessary to scale your people services and strategies.  Many organizations tend to layer on or cobble together additional work teams and initiatives in an effort to move quickly. 


However, organizations that take this moment to evaluate their North star and identify the actions and strategies that will best get them there are more successful at retaining their employees and achieving their goals as they move through this stage.

We can help your organization create the people strategy that supports your organization's growth and enhances your people support capabilities.

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Scaling Business, Expanding People Strategies

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You want to fuel your strategies with data and insights.  The art is to know which data and insights are the most important to pay attention to and which create noise.  

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 Your existing and emerging leaders have increasing pressure to drive growth and financial results, predict market trends, AND create a world class employee experience.  

Established Business, Transforming Legacy Practices

Established businesses should evaluate their people practices along side organizational strategies and shifts. 


Ask yourself: 

  • Do the practices, processes, and promises you have today enable you to get to your desired future? 

  • Have you modernized your practices to provide an employee experience that your talent is seeking? 

  • Does your people function have the technology, data, and access they need to be a valued partner to the organization and your employees?

We can help established organizations assess their current people strategies and capabilities to identify opportunities to enhance and modernize their practice.

Business Team
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