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At Disco Porcupine, we believe that strategy development is a process that should engage employees at all levels of the organization.  Great ideas exist at all levels of your organization and within your customers and partners.  Creating an approach that allows for innovation and the opportunity to surface ideas will not only provide your organization with endless possibilities, but it will also drive greater alignment and support across the organization when it's time to implement changes.

We've designed a three phased approach to strategy development that includes opportunities to get curious and innovate, explore viability and risks of potential strategies, and actions that ready the organization to implement what is approved to move forward.  

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Within each phase there are multiple approaches that you can take to help you progress your strategy.  We can guide you through these options and help you implement the best path for your organization. The approaches you choose can be informed by:

  • how much time you have to get through all three phases and how this integrates with existing annual strategy cycles

  • your company climate and culture, plus the level of transparency you want to provide to your employees 

  • how you bring employees together to collaborate (virtual, in person, mixed)

  • talent planning and individual development opportunities

  • technology options

Effective strategy development also requires an integrated approach to the leadership, participation, decision making and ownership of the organization's portfolio. 


Amazing opportunities can arise when leadership representing the following disciplines come together in a collaborative partnership from start to finish - aligned in purpose and outcome.

  • Product / Program

  • Capital / Finance 

  • Human Resources / People

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