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Being a leader is not for the faint of heart.  Today's leaders need to drive business results and growth, anticipate and plan for market shifts, and provide a stellar employee experience.  They are asked to do this with optimism, resiliency, and in a way that inspires and motivates others.  AND, that typically doesn't factor in the responsibilities and pressures that they have outside the work place. 


With the pace of the world these days, often we don't have the adequate time to develop and invest in our current and future leaders.  Many organizations spend a lot of money (and time) on leadership training programs with the hope of a one size fits all development approach.  These programs provide value, but they're not enough. 


Today's leaders not only need opportunities to engage in learning with each other, but they also need a network of trusted advisors and peers to reach out to for advice, support, and a sounding board.

And most importantly, they need clarity around five key areas (shown below) while having support from senior leaders through a growth culture, supportive community, access and exposure to leaders and business discussions, and the ability to have a regular voice regarding the work they lead.

Disco Porcupine can support your LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT needs through:

  • learning programs and content customized to your culture and business environment,

  • assessments such as leadership potential, team effectiveness, change styles, and 360's,

  • intact team sessions, including interventions for teams that are struggling,

  • and leadership and executive coaching.

Bespoke Learning Programs

Leadership development programs work best when they incorporate multiple modes of learning, access to leaders, and tackling tangible business challenges.  The benefit of programs like this is that the leader gains greater context of the environment they are leading in, senior leaders gain exposure to emerging leaders informing succession planning discussions, and the organization strengthens their leadership capabilities while investing in their culture. 

Creating a meaningful program doesn't necessarily require investing in a deep content library.  It does require identifying the capabilities and knowledge that is most important for leaders to grow in the context of your organization, industry, and market.  

Leveraging your existing leadership team as instructors and mentors is a low cost and highly effective way to provide this context.  Then supplement these discussions with foundational leadership skill building, targeted projects, assessments, and mentoring to round out the learning.

Disco Porcupine can help you design and implement a meaningful leadership development program that is built around your culture, business, and market context.

Leadership Development Image 1 (3).png

Additionally, Disco Porcupine can provide individual coaching to support the development goals of leaders and executives that integrate the knowledge gained from learning events and on the job experiences with coaching, mentoring, and insights. 


Our approach allows for the individual to focus their development holistically, taking into account the multi-dimensional factors that make them unique individuals and how those factors come together and influence who they are as a leader.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

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