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You need a people function that grows and evolves with your organization and the talent marketplace.  Investing in your people practices can provide a solid foundation to achieve organizational success.

To do this, it's important to understand who you are today and who you plan to be in the future.  Then build people practices, processes, and infrastructure that support your journey and create a rewarding employee experience at the same time.  


Disco Porcupine can help you evaluate the HUMAN RESOURCE capabilities you need currently and those you need to build over time to support your business strategy via:

  • HR capabilities needs analysis

  • process reviews and modernization mapping

  • selection and implementation of technology solutions

  • HR organization design

  • interim leadership and / or project management

It all starts with two key questions that provide insight and direction applied to two sets of capabilities - strategic and operational.

Strategic Human Resource Capabilities

Strategic Human Resource Capabilities are those that must be closely integrated to the development and execution of business objectives.  These are areas of expertise that:

  • define the culture and environment (including equity and inclusion, workplace practices, and core values),

  • design a structure that supports operating models,

  • identifies the needed capabilities and headcount,

  • plus maps out the talent strategies to power the organization. 


All supported with critical insights and analytics that fuel data driven decisions for those impacting the culture and the people at your organization.  

Human Resource Operations Capabilities

Human Resource Operations Capabilities are considered core people function services and abilities for an organization.  These are the  foundational areas necessary to run an organization including:

  • recruitment and onboarding of employees,

  • efficient and accurate management of payroll, benefits, and employee life events,

  • management and security of employee records and HR data,

  • management and tracking of compliance and regulatory requirements,

  • adherence to labor laws,

  • and the support of employee events and celebrations.

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