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Kattie Capozza

Founder and CEO

Disco Porcupine Origins: 


Disco Porcupine is a Seattle based talent strategy consulting service provider that supports clients by creating a talent strategy that integrates with their organization's goals and their financial parameters. I help clients identify their possibilities to accelerate strategy activation and achievement through talent.

Why the name Disco Porcupine?  To be honest, I always wanted to be in a band.  If the dream had come true, that would be the name of the group.  But, my path took me a different direction and I consider Disco Porcupine the rock n' roll version of people strategy consulting.  

Why People Strategy Consulting?  I recognize that when it comes to people strategy it can get a bit thorny and complicated.  Humans are messy and complex while also the heart and soul of how businesses get things done.  When given the right environment, your employees can fuel innovation and build strong relationships with your consumers and partners.  Having a "one size fits all" approach to people strategy just doesn't quite work these days and I recognize that each client situation has it's own unique needs and circumstances. 


Having the wrong talent strategy for your organization can feel like being on the dance floor with a porcupine disco dancing.  As someone who has been a business leader and experienced this myself, I want to do consulting a bit different for organizations, and so I started Disco Porcupine.

The Credentials: 


While "one size fits all" isn't my style, there are a lot of really great best practices out there that can work once they are customized to fit the unique needs of a team or organization.  I leverage solid best practices, align them with the unique needs of the client, while also keeping an eye on managing risks. 


Over the past twenty five years I've had some great opportunities to work within and alongside progressive leaders in people strategy and organizations who put people at the center of what they do.   Where you ask?  Organizations like The Walt Disney Company, where I held several senior and executive roles within the people practice.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where I was the Global Head of Talent for their Global Development and Policy & Advocacy teams.  I've also worked along side some really talented consultants and practitioners  as well as courageous clients looking to reinvent their employee experience. 

These experiences have allowed me to work within industries such as hospitality, media production & distribution, consumer products, live stage performance / broadway, digital & interactive, language education, mobile communications, financial services, building and construction, energy, health & fitness, and philanthropy.  

My work has taken me around the world allowing me to live and experience different cultures and business environments across six of the seven continents. (I'm always looking for that opportunity in Antarctica to complete the set.) 


I have been involved with all aspects of Human Resources and specialize in integrated people strategy, organization design, leadership and organizational development, talent management, and workforce insights.  Some examples of the type of work I have done:

  • Built workforce and talent management strategies to identify capabilities needed, the work that is performed, the talent available, and provide transparency on how to navigate career paths.

  • Develop and implemented talent strategies that shortened the time to fill critical roles by identifying and developing high performing talent.

  • Built a workforce insights and analytics function evolving the approach from data collection and reporting to providing human capital analytics and insights that informed and influenced business strategy.   

  • Implement strategic foresight processes, capabilities, and cultural enablers within business units across global markets.  This allowed decision makers to understand emerging market trends and external influencers that impact business strategies through scenario development. 

  • Modernize people function capabilities within a regional Human Resource team in Southeast Asia.  Activities included renegotiating benefits programs and providers, consolidating payroll vendors and processes, launching a talent acquisition platform, creating a Human Resource Business Partner function, and building development curriculum to prepare emerging leaders for senior roles.

  • Develop and implement people strategy components in mergers and acquisitions.  Key work streams included operating model development, organizational design and talent identification, benefit harmonization, employee engagement and alignment, work environment modernization, and office migration. 

My formal education includes:

  • Master of Liberal Studies from Rollins College,

  • Bachelor of Science in Organization Development from the University of Central Florida,

  • THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam NL.   


Informally, I'm super curious and always exploring topics and areas that catch my interest to learn and grow.  (I'm still trying to master the drums and learn Italian.)


In my free time I chase three passions; live music, great books, and getting outside to hike and camp.

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