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Disco Porcupine helps you create people strategies that propel your organization's goals.

You have a clear vision of what you want your organization to accomplish, but building the talent strategy to get there may not be as clear. 

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Let us help you create


that integrate with your organization and financial goals while also bringing your employer brand to life.

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You want to fuel your strategies with data and insights.  The art is to know which data and insights are the most important to pay attention to and which create noise.  

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We can help you build an


that allows you to leverage the data you have, identify what you need to collect, and determine how to use the data and insights to power your strategic decision making.  

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 Your existing and emerging leaders have increasing pressure to drive growth and financial results, predict market trends, AND create a world class employee experience.  

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We can support existing and emerging leaders as a


providing a sounding board and ally to their personal and professional growth.  

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